This week marks the end of an era at Ararat basketball, with the conclusion of the tenure of our Premier Men’s Coach Purvis Will Hill III.

An accomplished U.S. college shooting guard himself, Coach Will used a multitude of techniques gained from his experiences as a player and a coach at countless tournaments to bring the best out of our senior men’s squads over the past 4 years..

His commitment to the purity of the game and the mindset of relentless hustle developed the senior men’s program from top to bottom.

Coach Will took on many exciting challenges at Ararat basketball, including winning Navasartian Games Championships, multiple tournaments to USA and Armenia, where he absolutely embraced the Armenian culture and people with open arms.

His professional demeanor, humble personality and joyful outlook will be greatly missed by the entire Ararat organisation.

We thank you for all the sweat and tears put into the Ararat basketball program. It is without a doubt that you are a part of the Ararat family as much as anyone and will always be known as yeghpayr WIll.

We look forward to seeing bigger things in the next chapter of your coaching career and hope to see you in the Ararat family in the future!

Love, the Ararat basketball family


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